• STABO XM 4006E

Stabo XM 4006E CB Radio 6 Band 

The new Stabo XM 4006E is a CB radio all-rounder, with many features that one would rather expect from an amateur radio. It is quite small for these many functions. It fits in the DIN 78 and in the small shaft of the Mercedes Actros. The Stabo XM 4006E is therefore also an ideal truck radio for the technically skilled radio operator. 

Multi-channel standard CB radio with consideration of current European standards - 6 standards switchable 

AM and FM modulation 

4 watt transmission power in AM and FM 

ASC - automatic 

squelch Manual squelch - squelch

Tone Squelch 

Dualwatch function Dual channel monitoring 

Various SCAN 

switchable transmit power (High / Low) 

Memory menu 

Monitor function 

Up / Down buttons 

DTMF hand-held microphone with backlit keypad 

DTMF encoder for controlling Internet gateways 

Volume control 

EMG button for channel 9/19 Shortcut 

16 memory slots for frequently used DTMF tones only transmit 

channel or frequency display in the LC display 

ANL - Automatic interference limiter 

Hi Cut Filter 

CTCSS / DCS / DCSI Subtotal Evaluations - Transmit and Receive 

Built-in compander system for noise reduction

Saving individual channel settings (AM / FM, NB, CTCSS / DCS) 

for each individual channel. TIME delay TOT 

7 different colors as background 

lighting Rogerpiep function (can be switched off) 

HF attenuator (ATT function) 

S-meter in LC display 

Illuminated LC display with display channel, frequency AM FM, CTCSS, DCS, ASC, NB, EMG, DW 

2.5mm External S-meter jack jack on the rear panel 

6-pin microphone jack 


  • $140

Tags: Radio CB, AM / FM transceivers