• BA2-5G Omnidirectional Base Station Antenna

Omnidirectional Base Station Antenna with Heavy-Duty-Fiberglass Radome for the 144-174 MHz Band 

BA2-5G is a 5 dBd gain, omnidirectional rod-type base station antenna for the 144-174 MHz Band. BA2-5G is designed for mounting on supporting tubes with outer diameter between 25 mm and 45 mm. The construction of the mount makes it possible to lead the cable either inside or along the outside of the mast tube. The fiberglass tube completely encloses the carefully designed radiating element to ensure long dependable service in all climates. The athmospherical discharges are immediately led to ground as all metal parts are DC-connected. Therefore, , the antenna shows a DC-short across the coaxial cable. This antenna is used where reliability is of great importance. A long lifetime has been taken into consideration when designing this antenna – sturdy and strong.



Frequency Range 144-174 MHz

Band Width 5 MHz

SWR < 1.5

Gain 5 dBd (7.15 dBi)

Impedance 50 Ω

Max Power 150 W

Polarization Vertical

Antistatic Protection DC-grounded (Connector shows a DC-short)


Connector N female

Length 4.5 m max

Weight 4.2 kg

Mounting 25-45 mm mast tube

Material Radome: fiberglass Mounting bracket: epoxy-coated aluminum

Wind Load 150 km/h

BA2-5G Omnidirectional Base Station Antenna

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